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Thank you for an amazing yoga class last night Ness!! And for restoring my faith in Pregnancy Yoga! My body, my baby and my pelvic girdle are all very grateful. Love Sam 35 weeks (1st baby)

Hypnobirthing Birth Stories

“My last working day was 4th May and I had thought I would have one week of relaxation before the baby's birth (edd 12th May), however, Hasan had other plans and decided 'Right Mummy's finished work so time to make an appearance'. The labour was spontaneous and really fast paced.  On the morning of the 4th May, I went to work and whilst there started feeling surges.  They were half an hour apart initially and that is when I realised I was in 
 the latent phase of labour.  I carried on with work and focused on the 'Golden Thread Breathing Technique' the end of my working day the surges were coming 15 minutes apart.  I left work and drove back home, during the drive the surges were 10 minutes apart.  Realising what was happening, when I got home I started preparing for the hospital and told my husband we might have to go tonight.

I carried on with my breathing and relaxation techniques and at  the surges were as close as 3 minutes apart and 50 seconds long.  I called the Birth Centre.....I spoke to a midwife and explained I was Hypnobirthing, so she asked if I could carry on and call back once the surges were 2 minutes apart and a minute long. By 10pm I knew it was time, so called them again and they asked me to come in.

On arrival, I was taken to the examination room and the midwife monitored my surges. She then asked if I was okay with an internal examination. I was reluctant but said if she must I'll go ahead with it. She consulted another midwife and they decided not to do an internal as they did not want to disturb my breathing pattern.  By 10.15pm things picked up and my mucous plug 'showed' and I was bleeding a little. There wasn't enough time to change or anything and I was taken into a room where they did an internal examination. Throughout this I carried on focusing on my breathing and keeping calm.  Baby and I were doing fine.  However, towards the end, when I felt like 'pushing' the baby's heartbeat started falling, so I was taken to Labour Ward to monitor the baby's heart beat.

By 11.31pm my little man was born naturally and without any pain relieving drugs. We had 'skin to skin' and our first breast feed was 30 minutes long.

It was an amazing experience.  My husband was with me throughout the experience...he was supportive and did a great job.  Even the midwives were impressed at how calm and helpful he was!

The Pregnancy Yoga classes and Hypnobirthing classes both helped me to get through the birth of my child.  It made it so much easier and full of positive thoughts.  The Hypnobirthing classes not only helped me, but also helped my husband understand the physiology of the whole process and he was able to be as supportive as he was at the time.  Where my breath faltered, he started breathing with me to remind me and to calm me. 

I want to thank you for all your support and help through the yoga classes as well as the Hypnobirthing ones.  I think every mother should definitely go for both the yoga and the hypnobirthing helps you have such a positive attitude towards the entire experience and removes the element of 'fear' from your heart.

At the end of the day, the journey towards birth is a very special one; my husband, my son and I were able to walk through this as a team and we made it happen as positively as possible."
Sana, Bilal and first baby Hasan

“We wanted to thank you for your fantastic Hypnobirthing course that we attended in full (due to an overdue baby).  We did our daily practise and were able to put it all into action during the birth of our beautiful little girl Isla on 31st August (2012)  I have written you a short birth story which I thought may be of interest for you and your other courses.

I awake at 2am with a sore tummy that was coming in waves and did wonder if it might be the start of something.  I went back to bed at 4am turning on the Hypnobirthing CD (with words) and tried to get some relaxation in.  Chris and I both had something to eat at 5.30am, called my mum at 6am "no rush but could you come and get Scarlett" and she came at 7.30am.  Surges were getting stronger and longer but still 5 mins apart so called the Birth Centre at 8.45am who said to go in.

We got there at 9.30am and after two stops on the stairs to the birth centre, we went into the obs room.  On being asked if I could sit for the blood pressure test, I realised that sitting was no longer possible!! I had such an urge to push the lady went to get the midwife immediately!!

Into the birth pool room at 9.40am and into the pool at 9.50am ( a looooong 10 minute wait.  I had a small crisis of confidence (probably transition stage) where I did hit the wall in terms of where I got to with Scarlett 2 years previously and I wondered if I would be able to see it through.  There was no time for Pethidine, and I was offered gas and air but I remembered it put me off my stride somewhat last time so, as it was all mostly bearable I just stuck with my breathing (and mooing), so I was so thankful for the Hypnobirthing techniques frankly!

Isla was born into water at 11.12am. She was passed to me and I held our beautiful new daughter while Chris cut the cord.  Due to my low iron level we were advised to have a managed third stage, so I got out of the pool and delivered the placenta shortly after.  Chris gave Isla 'skin to skin' at this stage I think.  She and I had a good amount of  skin to skin before she was weighed and checked over...she weighed in at a whopping 8lb 15oz (S was 7lb 11oz in comparison) and 57cm long.  I suffered only a first degree tear requiring a small amount of suturing.

I moved onto the birth centre ward bit and after a good feed was advised they would let me go home.  As we got to our doorstep Chris remarked I'd been out of the house almost exactly 12 hours and in that time given birth to a beautiful baby girl!!!!

Without the Hypnobirthing techniques, I'm certain we would have had quite a different experience, so I thank you for putting on a great, comprehensive and doable course for people like me who believe it 'could work' and are willing to give anything a go if it will make giving birth easier on the baby and me too!”
Kristina & Chris with a newly born Isla (and her big sister Scarlett)

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