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Maternity Reflexology with Vanessa

Reflexology is a powerful way of treating pregnancy related minor disorders of pregnancy and to prepare your body for labour. It is a complementary therapy based on a principle that one small area of the body (in this case the feet), represents a "map" of the whole body.

It can help to prevent the need for postdates induction of labour when this date is 'looming' in front of you. Three reflexology sessions on alternate days before your induction date can help you go into spontaneous labour and therefore can help prevent the need for induction of labour.

"Reflexology in your own home for your own comfort and relaxation"

£45 for 50 minutes
or buy 4 Reflexology Sessions for £160

call Vanessa for weekday and evening appointments
on 07455 363262

or email Vanessa to

Slough, Maidenhead, Marlow Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross, Chalfonts and all surrounding areas

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