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Vanessa Hodge is a Registered Midwife, Hypnobirthing Practitioner and Pregnancy Yoga Instructor and Maternity Reflexology Therapist.  She has worked as a midwife in the NHS for since 2000, has taught Pregnancy Yoga since 2005, trained as a Hypnobirthing Practitioner in 2011 and in Maternity Reflexology in 2013.

Vanessa's philosophy is simple.  Women were made to give birth, our mothers did it, our grandmothers did it and so can we! Pregnancy and birth has become very medicalised during my career and women now need to know, that childbirth is still a normal event.  Sadly, society teaches women from childhood to fear birth, from the stories their friends tell them to the documentaries they see on television. Women need to learn not to fear birth, but to see it as the joyous, amazing, fulfilling and empowering experience it is. All major events in life take preparation and Vanessa will help you to prepare for this main event with confidence in your innate ability to give birth. 

Pregnancy Yoga, Hypnobirthing and Maternity Reflexology for a calm, relaxing and confident birth. 

call Vanessa on 07455 363262 or email to

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